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Hither and Thither 5/13/11

May 13, 2011

UPDATE: Blogger is back up, so we can continue over there.

Well, gang, Blogger is still down. This is an unused blog I’ve had mothballed for a while, from when I was considering a move to WordPress. It’s a temporary thing, to “hide you over” (as one of my children used to put it) while Blogger figures out how to clean up its mess and who should be fired.

A Godsend of sorts: I just found that I’d left the post open at my work pc! I’ll copy it over and put it up here until I can post it at Blogger, and edit it. The usuals will still apply. So here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • First… a graphic history of the Emerging Church movement?
  • EC motto: Semper Dilabens.
  • (For a bit o’ background on the animation, see here. On dilabens, see here.)
  • Now, my BIG BIG news! I have been cleared to let you know that my book, The World-Tilting Gospel, is available for pre-order in case you’re interested. You can see it here at the Kregel site.  You can also see (and “like,” if you like) at the Amazon site.  It’s also at And British readers can see it here. Exciting to the point of numbness. If you choose to like, Facebook, Tweet or any of the other things those pages offer, thanks!
  • Meanwhile, I think it was thoughtful of cultist Mitt Romney to clear a cluttered field by removing his name from serious consideration as a GOP candidate. Bravo, Mitt — and loodle-oo!
  • Dr. Jim Hamilton says: preach the whole psalm! (I add: read the whole psalm, if you’re reading Scripture in church.)
  • As I’ve said, I think the PCUSA (the “mainline” Presbyterian denomination) jumped the shark when it defrocked J. Gresham Machen. That was a long time ago. Now the denomination formally states that  submitting to Christ’s Lordship and pursuing homosexual cravings are compatible. Remember: you support a PCUSA church, you support that. Feet vote.
  • Al Mohler adds a few thoughts.
  • By contrast: m’man Jim Hamilton points us to the CBMW evaluation of NIV 2011. Their conclusion is that the “new” NIV retains 75% of the TNIV’s agenda-driven twistings of gender, and that it hoses out some verses (prominently 1 Timothy 2:12) in a feminist direction. Thus: “We regret, therefore, that we cannot recommend the 2011 NIV as a sufficiently reliable English translation. And unless Zondervan changes its mind and keeps the current edition of the 1984 NIV in print, the 2011 NIV will soon be the only edition of the NIV that is available. Therefore, unless Zondervan changes its mind, we cannot recommend the NIV itself.”
  • Just Glue Them Directly To Your Stomach and Arteries Alert:
  • Mike Vlach provides a helpful summary of a just-concluded seminar on dispensationalism. Wish I’d been in it! Then a followup did a summary of an eschatology seminar. Common theme to both is the importance of holding that the NT does not reinterpret the Old. I see no honest, consistent way around the conclusion that to assert that the NT reinterprets OT text is to impugn God’s honesty in order to prop up a tradition.
  • Reminder: never trust AP polls. Never.
  • Reason #8505 for homeschooling (or some alternative to state reeducation camps).
  • Homeschoolers (and others) will thank me for this. (Back-story.)
  • BTW, I suppose occasional reminders of the following facts are salutary. I do not think that GOP legislators are definitionally good legislators. Some are idiots who are unclear on the concept. Like this guy. I’m just saying that one party is occasionally supportive of values distinctively dear to Christians, and is regularly hostile to those same values.
  • OTOH, it is good to know that the GOP has gone on-record as opposed to federal grants to mimes.
  • This prompted Mark Steyn to wonder whether an all-star awareness-raising song would be called Proud to Be a Dole Mimer’s Daughter. Then a reader of his also mused as to whether a groundswell of popular support for federally-funded mimes would be called The Silent Majority.
  • The theme of moms has recurred this week in my writing here and there. Now I read of a mom I really like: loves her son, doesn’t love his choices, stands for her (apparently Christian) principles. My family will always know her son as the voice of “Kronk” in the hysterically funny Emperor’s New Groove.
  • My cyber-friend pastor Chris Brauns voices what I am sure is one of the very deepest fears of every faithful pastor. In my own ministry I have always felt that I would rather rattle a genuine believer a bit, than give false comfort to a deluded tare.
  • Irony Alert: President Obama said, “Our heritage as a nation of immigrants is part of what has always made America strong. Out of many, one — that is our creed.” Aww, how nice. The irony? He said it at the Hispanic Prayer Breakfast! (From an alert I received, believe it or not, from the “White House Media Affairs Office.”)
  • Since it’s been a while since we’ve had a Robot Invasion Update, let’s just close on that note, shall we?
  • Then these:

Hello world!

February 25, 2009

This is an experiment. I’m thinking of moving to WordPress. And I’m going to write more so that I can see what full paragraphs look like. I don’t know that I love this. I don’t love that I can’t change my username. I don’t love that it’s bibchr instead of Dan Phillips or DJP or DJPhillips or something more me.

Say, let’s insert some image.

Thinking. Not doing. At this point.

Jules says I should do it. But then, she likes Macs, so….